Current market penetration and market development of iOs

IOS holds a global market share of 18.2% in the second quarter of 2015.
84% of devices use iOS 8 (14% iOS 7, 2% earlier versions)
iPhone 6 is 14.7% the most used device in the Apple product family (iPhone 5s 14%, iPhone 5 10%).
In the second quarter of 2015, 61.17 million iPhones were sold worldwide.
Currently, more than 1.5 million apps are available in the Apple Appstore. In June 2013 there were about 900,000 apps.

We offer iPhone app development since the first hour

With the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has reversed the market for mobile phones and completely redefined the product category of smartphones. Since the release of the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), we have been working on the development of applications, or apps for this platform. With the introduction of the App Store, Apple has set new standards with regard to sales, which make a global and cost-effective distribution of the apps possible.

With the introduction of the iPad, Apple has reinvented the product category of the tablets and helped for the first time to the breakthrough. Since the technical basis for the development of apps for iPhone and iPad is identical, it is now possible to take advantage of the features and features of the iPad without having to acquire new knowledge. Especially in this area, there is a great potential for industry- or customer-specific apps that can revolutionize the access and presentation of information or optimize workflows.

Developed Apps for the iPhone and iPad

In recent years, we have developed apps for the iPhone and iPad for our customers from a variety of industries. We help our customers to make the most of the continuous changes that accompany further developments in hardware and software.

Can we help you design and develop your app for the iPhone or iPad? We will be happy to assist you in every project phase and look after the first publication of your app.

We are one of the leading agencies for iOS development. Our iOS developers have worked in this field for many years and are able to meet the most innovative and complex tasks. Our team will accompany you from the beginning. We jointly develop the idea of creating a concept, adopt design and iOS development, bring your app to market. So we consider ourselves not only as an iOS developer, but more as a team which helps you to put your idea from both technical and marketing perspective on both.


There are many agencies for iOS development, but why do we excel?

Experience plays a role: our team and especially iOS developers have many years of experience.
Dozens of implemented projects of various complexity, success stories that we have mastered together with our customers
Not only do we develop Apps, but also ensure that your investments are worthwhile and are paid attention from the beginning to the end.

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Pushing the boundaries of design, creativity and development is just one of the strategies that we pursue on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is simple: To create user-experiences that leave you tingling! Any website, online application, mobile application or project we create.


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