Current market penetration and market development of Android

Android has a world market share of around 81.1%, that’s massive. Moreover, approximately 93% of all Android smartphones are operating on at least Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), whereas 64% of them incorporate 4.4 version (KitKat) or higher.

Android’s massiveness can be understood by the fact that the operating system houses over 2 million apps on its Play Store. In the third quarter of 2015, the number of Android devices that were sold globally numbered around 298 million. Samsung alone sold 102 million smartphones during this time period. This was a huge leap from 2014 where the total sales revenue was 254 million.

Android Application Development

Given its stature as a rapidly growing operating system, Android has served as a miracle development tool for Google. Android is undoubtedly known for its user-friendliness and flexibility. These customizable features make Android the most favorite among all operating systems in the world. With easy functions and features, any novice can easily enjoy the benefits of a smartphone. The good thing about Android is that has been hurling up new wings and companies under its arm in order to ensure Android application development.

Smatech is an expert organization that has been offering professional Android app-development services since quite a while now. Our vast technical knowledge regarding Android encompasses latest releases. We’re simply a bespoke Android-app development organization based in Houston.
We’re very resourceful when it comes to profound research and analysis before we proceed on to the stage of development and meet your requirements and expectations.
We perform deep research and analysis to meet your requirement and expectations. After accessing wide range of tools and technologies, we create customized application that is powerful and scalable for any android device. We are a one stop platform to outsource your mobile application development.

Why Smatech for Android App Development

Here at Smatech, we conceptualize, develop, design, test and deploy right in that sequence. The work however, depends on the unique requirements of the client. Overall, we offer the latest Android app development services to cater to all your requirements. We provide you with:
A simple but thorough understanding of application development
Data confidentiality, coding and information
A highly dedicated team of expert programmers, developers and testing experts with proven track record
Development and Analysis of Applications, research
User-friendly apps accurately marked with advanced features and use to use options

Role of Android App Development in Different Sectors

Alongside providing better opportunities for easing out the process of delivering a wide scope for different industries, Android App development has pushed forward to become the best source of latching your products and services on to all devices, that too in an innovative way. Our development team is capable of utilizing every bit of detail present within the vast scope of Android. We have developed applications for multiple domains that include, but not limited to:

Applications for Different Businesses
Finance and Health Care Applications
World of Gaming and Entertainment
E-Commerce and Online Shopping Apps
Apps for Tour & Travel and Hospitality
Restaurant & Online Food Ordering
Security and Better Management
Android App Development Services for You – Something More Than You Expect
Smatech takes pride in offering the most cost-effective and reliable mobile app-development services. We ensure this by providing precise solutions based on profound IT knowledge and expertise in Android applications. Our enormous experience has enabled us to not only develop apps for all versions of Android, but also to bring forth creative and innovative ideas for our clients in a way that return on investment is almost always assured.

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